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Toney Wabela: Technological disruption looming for data centres in Africa

Toney Webala – CTO and Co-Founder of Atlancis Technologies

Sometimes a disruptive technology can loiter for a while, before it changes everything. Yet change it will bring, because nothing and no one can defy gravity. So it is, I believe, with the new generation of open compute infrastructure.

For, as the world creates data, there’s an equal demand for resources to store, process and make sense from this data to drive business value.

All the thousands of ledgers that used to be created manually now generate legions of data threads, expanded by ever more automation and cross-relationships, driving further data and data processes. Our data revolution has created new data flows, again, from our communication, seeing global hyperscale companies create hundreds of thousands of square metres of data centres to hold and process their millions of users’ data.

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Atlancis Technologies becomes first Cloud Services provider in Africa to adopt OCP

The Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) has announced Atlancis Technologies as the first ICT Services provider in Africa to adopt OCP.

Atlancis, which specializes in delivering ecosystem-transforming ICT solutions, has adopted open technology for its Cloud platform, branded Servernah.

The founders of Atlancis (Toney Webala and Daniel Njuguna) had been closely following the deployment of OCP and its benefits to global hyper-scale companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft to deliver value, optimized performance, total and rapid scalability and ultimately competitive advantage. In developing scalable delivery of industry solutions they were excited about the opportunity to leverage these proven, efficient technologies in Kenya and across Africa.

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From CEO to the team’s Biggest CheerLeader

Hello! I am Daniel Njuguna, CHEERLEADER!!! Atlancis Technologies.

I recently dropped the tag CEO, at least within the precincts of my organization and started using the title CheerLeader. This move has brought a bag of mixed reactions from my staff, from excitement to curiosity to confusion, as my team isn’t sure of what to make of my new title.

Honestly, I thought this was a no-brainer, something they would easily figure out. After all, what do cheerleaders do other than cheer on their team at all times regardless of the size of the opponent on the field of play?

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