Strathmore University and Atlancis Technologies today signed a strategic partnership focused on cutting-edge research into the next generation of information technology.

Mr. Daniel Kinyua, CEO Atlancis (l) and Dr. Sevilla, Director @iLabAfrica Research Centre (r): Source Strathmore University

The partnership signed by Strathmore University’s @iLabAfrica Research Centre will allow the University and Atlancis to jointly explore and provide direction for academic researchers and technology experts in Kenya to collectively innovate and develop applications in research areas such as energy, banking, healthcare, education and transport among other sectors as well as champion development of local technology ecosystem.

The focus of this collaboration will be on the emerging technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain Technology, Cyber Security, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing.

“The next frontier of research is clearly going to be driven by technology, and universities must nurture relevant linkages with industry to make this happen. In this way, the research output coming from universities will resonate with the needs of industry,” says Dr. Sevilla, Director @iLabAfrica Research Centre.

“Atlancis’ decision to collaborate with Strathmore University will keep the two partners as the country’s leaders in big data. This initiative is good news for Kenya’s technology base, universities and the economy,” reiterated Mr. Kinyua, CEO Atlancis Technologies.

The MoU was signed by Dr. Joseph Sevilla, Director of Strathmore’s @iLabAfrica Research Centre and Mr. Daniel Kinyua, Chief Executive of Atlancis Technologies.

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